Worlds grow together.

Our world is full of contrasts: climate change presents us with ecological challenges, while at the same time our products and solutions should be economical. Supply chains span the globe, while regional origin is becoming increasingly important. For 100 years, we have been drawing the energy to create something new from these areas of conflicting priorities. Here we tell you how.

Ecological is economical.

Sustainability is worth it.


Many people still think that sustainable products are not the cheapest solution. But those times are over. Healthy building materials pay off. Renewable energies are economical. They just need to be encouraged. Innovative strength means putting ideas into practice. That is exactly what we have always been doing.

Proven bravery.

Drive requires foresight.

Challenges change. What remains is the courage that is needed to overcome them. Risks turn into opportunities. We resolutely combine ecology and economy.

Fields are cultivated from space with precision and sustainability. State-of-the-art buildings generate more energy than they consume. Wind and solar parks supply households and industry. And there are more and more charging stations to fill up with electricity. We are boldly leading the way. Whoever changes things, wins. Just as we have done for 100 years.


Diversity creates unity.

How to dissolve borders.

What began in 1923 at Türkenstrasse 16 in Munich has long since developed to become a global company. Rooted in Bavaria, we are at home on 5 continents. We have more than 21,000 people from 47 countries working together. For us, diversity is an enrichment. We are driven by our connectedness.


Electrify the easy way.


Many factors need to come together in order to ensure a relaxed approach is taken to electromobility. Long ranges are important. But it is also crucial that there are enough charging stations everywhere – even on remote routes.  

This gives us the security of being able to recharge wherever we need to. An optimistic vision? Already a reality for us: with our solutions, we support companies in creating a seamless charging infrastructure across Europe. Nothing electrifies like a good idea.


Breathe in, breathe out.

Healthy living.

Every day we breathe in thousands of litres of air in buildings. With every breath we take, we protect our lungs from harmful environmental influences. A beautiful vision? More so the future of living that we are already living today.

Through the interaction of low-emission building materials, we are creating a healthy indoor climate. This is good for us and everyone we love: with our reliably available products, we are already securing the future of living today.


Tradition drives innovation.

The future is omnipresent.

100 years means far more to us than a long past. Because during this time, we shaped the future every day. Many of our innovations are shaping today’s world. Nothing moves us as much as change. Out of responsibility for people and the environment, and of course tradition, as we would like to show you here.

Nourishing the future.

Hunger for innovation.

Soon there could be 10 billion people living on earth. An enormous challenge: how can we secure global nutrition?

We are facing a revolution: new plant-based foods will increasingly supplement fish and meat and make a growing contribution to securing the protein supply of tomorrow. The future is created today.


Tackling ideas.

Nothing moves like a good idea put into action. Together with our partners, we are constantly looking for new solutions to feed the world, supply it with energy and give people a home. That's exactly what we will continue to do over the next 100 years. The future belongs to the brave. We are ready!